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    Grass Fed Beef

    Grass Fed Beef

    No GMO's, No antibiotics,
    No hormones, No kidding.

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      What is Rodabaugh Bros. Grass Fed Canned Beef?

      The beef:
      Our beef is 100% Grass Fed Beef that is raised without GMO’s, contain no antibiotics, and have no added hormones. Our beef graze on green pastures year around, and are finished only on pasture, never grain, giving the meat a Grass Fed Beef Nutritional Information distinctive flavor and added nutrition. Grass Fed beef is high in Omega-3 Fatty Acids, low in fat, high in Vitamin E, contains more linoleic acid than grain fed beef, and the list goes on and on.

      The cut of meat:
      To create the best product available, we use only tender cuts of stew meat from beef chucks, what you would typically use to make chuck roasts. Our meat is literally small pieces of chuck roasts put into a can with a pinch of salt, and absolutely nothing else.

      The canning process:
      Canning has been used for over 200 years as a way of preserving food. Our canned beef can safely be stored for at least 5 years just sitting on your pantry shelf. Our canning process is very simple. We take raw stew meat and a pinch of salt, put it in a metal can that allows no air, and therefore no bacteria, in or out. We put the jars in a pressure cooker, the same way our grandmas' have been doing for the last 80 years, and slow cook the meat until it is tender and safe to eat. The meat comes out of the can just as if you slow cooked a pot roast all day long.
      How did we come up with this idea?
      Owning a small town butcher shop, we get frequent requests for many new things. One of the biggest requests we have is for grass fed beef. Being a small butcher shop in Northwest Ohio, we couldn't match available supplies of grass fed beef up with the sporadic demand and cannot currently sustain a fresh line of grass fed beef in our retail case. Another huge inquiry from our customers is how they can share the quality of meat they purchase from us with friends and family members across the country, where quality often is hard to find, and prices are often double what we are able to offer in our part of the country. We combined these two requests to create a product that is not only highly sought after for its taste and health benefits, but also can be safely shipped across the country without need for refrigeration.